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All you need to know about Lash Extensions and what is unique about the Russian Volume Lashes. – Springfield Day Spa in Leeds
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All you need to know about Lash Extensions and what is unique about the Russian Volume Lashes.


The purpose of this post is to clarify to people the different type of Eyelash extensions and to foreground little details of each treatment e.g. how long it takes for each session, the period of time that the eyelash extensions will last for, what should be avoided for a few days after the treatment to not effect the extensions and keep them at it’s ultimate best condition, how each eyelash extension treatment is different to one another b serving unique and beautiful visuals depending on your personal taste and point of view. The endless amount of comments we receive from clients could possibly be compared to the amount of galaxies in outer space as they are always tons at the end of the day waiting to be answered; “The application of semi-permanent lashes have ruined my actual lashes” or “Party cluster lashes took only about half an hour last time i had them done, why does it take 20 more minutes here?”. Overall such misunderstandings cause a lot of problems and confusions to salons as they are misunderstood in the treatments they offer which results in a negative/untrustworthy image for both the salon and lash extensions. Personally i believe that our clients know about us as a spa beauty salon whom offer multiple eyelash extensions (Russian Volume Lashes, Party Cluster lashes, Full/Semi Permanent Lashes, LVL Lashes etc..) which is only possible by the most talented, experienced and professional beauty technicians whom specialize in many beauty areas/criteria. This post is dedicated to confused clients who are not so sure about the lash extensions they have gotten done or want to in the future, therefore we entirely understand when clients come to us with such questions and are happily willing to answer them regarding the misunderstandings as an ex client of beauty salons before owning one of my own it’s understandable.

So let’s get started! I hope this attempt at explaining our lash treatments will cover every criteria of question you may have…

Firstly, understanding the foundations of this topic is fore mostly important.

Strip Lashes:

Here is the scenario… after a tough and tiring day of work you cannot wait to go home and get ready to go out with your friends to have some fun but find yourself standing in front of the mirror battling with a pair of strip lashes trying to get the best angle to apply them and the best method with an extremely high chance of ruining your fancy, smokey eye look! Although you may have the talent to fluently and swiftly apply them without any problems in which case i personally applaud you! Because it is a very hard technique to master which takes time and patience (as well as talent…as a beauty technician i assure you that it is a talent). Most salons that offer eyelash treatments are able to professionally and efficiently have them applied for you (most of the times the lashes are included in the overall cost). Unfortunately the lashes will probably only last a full night without coming apart and blinding your eyesight like a large butterfly/moth sitting on your eyelid (that is definitely the worst!), by offering strong resistance and maintenance. But these lashes most certainly do not last for a weekend or any type of short holiday.

eyelashes 2


Party Cluster Lashes

Similar to strip lashes, cluster lashes can also be independently put on at home or be taken to a salon to professionally be applied. Both strip/cluster lashes can be bought at any beauty/cosmetic or super-drug stores e.g. boots, super-drugs etc… In general the best way to apply these type of lashes is to manually use tweezers by gently gripping the clusters in place and carefully applying them on top of your own lashes, and flattening/spreading the clusters along your lash line evenly. I (and other beauty technician professionals) believe that the only way to safely and properly apply cluster lashes is to use glues such as DUO glue which is also used to apply strip lashes. We are aware that some other salons offer their clients semi-permanent glue to use for cluster lashes but i believe that these types of lashes are far too heavy and thick to keep on for more than three days or so and it could possibly ruin your own actual lashes due to the natural growth of your lashes beneath the cluster extensions.
Oddly enough that is by far one of the greatest misconceptions Technicians tend to make by offering the cluster lashes as ‘semi-permanent’ or even ‘voluminous’ telling clients that they last for up to 2-3 weeks. The easiest way to not make a mistake and make sure that you are getting the right/safe treatment is to tell your beauty therapist that you’d like to take a look at the set of lashes before they start applying them and make sure that if the lashes are already made up into clusters they should not interact and be applied on with semi-permanent glue. This can be done when you have your eye patch test done (which most salons of good quality will do).

c l 2cluster lashes 1

(This is the result of the wrong glue being used and what happens if the clusters are left for too long!)

Individual/Classic Semi Permanent/ Hollywood Lashes

I believe that this type of eyelash extensions are the most common among most salons and top favorite of clients, as we have been offering this treatment since the beginning of our journey here in Springfield Day Spa. This type of treatment isn’t necessarily the easiest one to do as it requires plenty of practice/training and experience, therefore i suggest for any client interested to receive this treatment to choose wisely among the beauty therapists available (Although there are some newbies among the beauty therapists that are available, so please have patience with a new qualified therapist, most of the time salons offer discounts to clients with beginner technicians but don’t worry that the treatment might not be good as one of a experienced beauty technician because we only qualify properly trained trainees therefore the only thing to have in mind is that they’ll just take a few minutes longer than other therapists).

So the cool/interesting fact to know about this treatment is that only one lash is applied to your own lash one by one each time. Each eyelash is separated then a new eyelash is applied on top (see picture below). This eyelash application does not damage your own natural eyelashes by becoming tangled with a clumpy like texture because as your own natural eyelash grows the false eyelash will grow with it. Also, it is ideal to come for an infill once the fake lashes start to fall off after 2/3 weeks, depending on how much care you take after them. The thickness of the lashes are usually 0.15mm or 0.20mm (a little bit thicker than your natural eyelashes) and they come in various lengths, curls, and materials such as mink, silk and synthetic. Our salon mostly uses ‘mink lashes’ which clients love as each individual tends to ask for the same material to be used making it to be the most popular among all other materials. If the application process is proper and righteous we find ‘silk’ to be the most superior material as it is just as expensive and the same application method is used as ‘mink’. Usually this treatment should take about 1hr15 – 2hrs but of course it all depends on the technician. The treatment should definitely not take less than that amount of time given, because if it is it means that the lashes are not being applied correctly therefore resulting in a bad/upsetting outcome. Also your own lashes play a big part when it comes down to the question of how long the treatment will last for as it takes more time for the fake lashes to be applied if you have short, thin, straight lashes whereas if you have longer and a bit more naturally voluminous lashes it’ll take less time.


Russian Volume/ Semi-Permanent Lashes

These type of lashes are definitely the most popular and trendy eyelash extensions in the beauty industry at the moment for sure! The secret behind it’s popularity is that it manages to keep it’s natural, healthy and subtle look but at the same time it gives off a super glamorous and fancy aura/vibe. The technique and method to apply these lashes is somewhat similar to the ‘Hollywood/individual lashes’, by first separating the natural lashes and then starting to apply the fake lashes but the only thing that changes is amount of lashes applied each time. The individual lashes are applied one by one to each natural eyelash but this time a small fan of anything between 2 to 7 lashes is applied. The lashes used for this treatment are much thinner,finer and lightweight (0.07mm) than the individual eyelash set that is a bit more thicker (0.20mm). Yet again this meant that no damage is done to the client’s natural lashes and so lightweight that you cannot feel the Russian Volume lashes being applied meanwhile the treatment is carried out. They feel so comfortable that it might trick your brain to think that they’re your own natural lashes at some point (just loads more of it!). They can also be infilled once starting to fall out. The strength of your own natural lashes will be known by the beauty technician (if they are experienced) therefore they’ll adjust the amount of lashes in their fans according to the information collected. The fans used for this treatment are especially handmade by the technician right in front of you as well as a tweezers and a very firm, well controlled hand maneuver. This method takes months and months of practicing as the beauty technicians have to be very delicate and gentle with the procedure.

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