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Treatment of the Month – Springfield Day Spa in Leeds
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Treatment of the Month


Autumnal blues kicking in? Wishing you could go back to summer and relax in the heat? Skin crying out for some nourishment? We have just the thing for you! In just 90 minutes your skin will feel rejuvenated and refreshed with our new Deep Pore Cleansing Facial Treatment. Say goodbye to old, tired, ageing skin and get ready for skin feeling younger than ever.
Treatment will include 4 layers of product to ensure a deep cleanse and rehydrating effect. To kick off your relaxing breakaway you will have a beneficial serum professionally massaged into the face, throat and chest area then given 5 minutes for you to enjoy some peace and quiet and let the serum do it’s magic!1You will then, if you haven’t already fallen asleep, experience a 15 minute massage using a hydrating cream which will work towards giving back the skin any lost moisture from the cold winter months. Skin can become dry and chapped as the cold weather approaches so it is important to keep it hydrated. We highly recommend that you return for this facial service monthly to keep on top of skin condition. And we mustn’t forget about relaxation as we all know Christmas is just round the corner and causes more stress than any time of the year.
If you’re a sufferer of acne or premature skin aging then look no further as this indulgent facial includes a seaweed mask. Seaweed masks are excellent at making the skin smooth and silky whilst drying out acne, rashes and pimples. The vitamin C in seaweed is a great antioxidant for combatting wrinkles leaving you looking and feeling younger.
Once set, a final mask will be applied containing minerals and essential oils. This will be left for 15 minutes but don’t think it’s over! Whilst drying you will have a scalp massage with calming essential oils and then a foot and leg massage with a specialty sea spa foot cream. After removing all layers, some final extras could be added; you could revisit the summer heat with a hot stones treatment. When you have had a few minutes to come back around, we guarantee you will walk out of the spa feeling 100% better than you did when you walked in. Then get ready for a day of relaxation as after your visit with us you won’t want to do anything you might need to do.
Hurry up and book in now! Our busy season is coming and appointments are flowing in every day. If you want it you need to ring up and grab it before someone else does!
Look forward to seeing you very soon.
From, The team at Springfield Day Spa.

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